COLIN HINDS - Founder of Kilted Lobster and Chef Patron.

With over 20 years in the industry and having worked in France, Indonesia, Australia, UK (London) and Caribbean; Colin returned home to Scotland 4 years ago bringing his flair and creativity to his native homeland.

A champion of Scottish produce using modern and classic techniques, artistry and quirky presentation, Colin's flavour profiles are fun and exciting - a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds.

Our Team, Our Dream

Bonded by our beliefs, driven by our goal of creating fun, exciting, diverse and satisfying food made from local, ethical and sustainable ingredients. Using the best that Scotland has to offer; using our skills to explore new concepts without complication, allowing creativity and world influence to shape our menu. Using Scottish seafood, game, the finest meats, fruits, vegetables and dairy to showcase our dream, to delight and nourish our guests.

Local products, organic produce, artisan and heritage suppliers using modern, fresh cooking techniques with Scottish flair and attitude.

Placing an importance on healthier produce, smoking our own meats and seafood, natural preserves and pickling, making our own sausages and burgers, knowing the provenance and what ingredients we use are fundamental to our ethos and culture.

We invite you to sit at Our Table, where every table is the Chefs Table